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Dr. Sudhir Kumar,
Ph.D. (Solar Cells)

This is the website of the solar consultancy organization "Solar Energy Consultant & Trainer, Pune" registered under Bombay S. & E. Act, 1948 with Regn. No.: 1931000313510147 dt. 30 Oct. 2019; headed by Dr. Sudhir Kumar, Chief Executive, a solar expert with more than 3 decades of experience in the field of renewable energy after completing Ph.D. from IIT, Bombay.

Dr. Sudhir Kumar's experience ranges from providing technical, financial, operational, policy advisory for about 345 MW of grid connected solar projects and over 1,000 kW of rooftop solar projects. As a solar trainer he has delivered around 250 lectures in sponsored trainings (GIZ, MNRE, UNDP, GEF, USAID etc.) and around 350 lectures in sponsored conferences (MNRE, MEDA, FICCI, CII, GIZ, etc.).

The first objective of the organization is to provide high quality solar power, technical & policy consultancy at affordable cost. The second objective is to provide job-oriented solar training to freshers and application-oriented solar training to working executives.

Online consultancy and training using latest digital media are always welcome. We also provide Solar Phone Consultation. Please contact us for any requirement. We would be happy to serve you.  

Address for Correspondence:

Dr. Sudhir Kumar, Chief Executive, Solar Energy Consultant & Trainer, 8/15, Mazda Deluxe Homes, Porwal Park, Tank Road, Shantinagar, Off: Alandi Road, Yerwada, Pune - 411006, India.

E-mail: [email protected]
Contact No. +91-9665020206, +91-8956806072

Consultancy Works Completed

Sl. No. Name of Project or Assignment Name of Client
1. Preparation of feasibility studies/ DPR for development of solar thermal power project at Morwada, Banaskantha, Gujarat – 50 MW NTPC Ltd, India
2. Preparation of DPR, financial model, EoI / tender document and analysis thereof for setting up of grid-connected demonstration solar power project at Sautada, Tal. Patoda, Dist. Beed in Maharashtra – 5 MW Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA), Pune, Maharashtra, India
3. Preparation of DPR for solar PV grid interactive power plant at village Rampurva, West Champaran, Bihar – 5 MW Beltron Telecommunication Ltd (BELTRON) Patna, Bihar, India
4. Consultancy services for preparation of DPRs for grid connected solar PV power plants around the existing hydro power stations of HHEP Burla, RHEP Rengali, and UIHEP Mukhiguda in Odisha – 24 MW Odisha Hydro Power Corporation Ltd (OHPC), Odisha State, India
5. Lender’s engineer for KEVPL’s solar thermal power project in Rajasthan - 100 MW Power Finance Corporation Ltd, India
6. Lender’s engineer for DSPL’s solar thermal power project in Rajasthan - 100 MW Power Finance Corporation Ltd, India
7. Preparation of DPR to establish solar PV power project in UAE at Umm-al-Quwain - 50 MW Deccan Water Treatment Pvt. Ltd.
8. Lender’s engineer for Responsive’s solar PV power project in Gujarat - 25 MW Power Finance Corporation Ltd, India
9. DPR on Solar PV Power Project at Banthu, Block Bhagwanpur, District Vaishali, Bihar - 2.5 MW SABR Controls Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai
10. Technical validation of a bid document for a solar PV project in Erode, Tamil Nadu - 1 MW Metropolitan Equipments and Consultants Pvt. Ltd
11. Preparation of a solar road map for Karnataka, India Karnataka Renewable Energy Development Ltd (KREDL), Karnataka State, India
12. Consultancy for ‘effective implementation of GOs/ building by-laws in States/ municipal corporations for mandatory installation of solar water heating systems in functional buildings for southern and western Regions of the country (India)’ MNRE/UNDP/GEF/Global solar water heating project
13. Due diligence of crystalline PV and thin-film PV technologies in India World Institute of Sustainable Energy, Pune
14. Consultancy for “market development of concentrator solar technologies (CSTs) for community cooking/ cooling/ laundry applications in hospital and hospitality sectors” MNRE/UNDP/GEF/ Concentrated Solar Heating Project
15. Preparation of a bid document, undertaking bid evaluation, identifying equipment supplier, preparing purchase order and monitoring/ supervision of establishing solar resource measuring stations in Maharashtra Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA), Pune, Maharashtra State, India
16. Study on Functioning / Strengthening of State Nodal Agencies and Preparation of Road Map for Capacity Building MNRE and USAID, India
17. Project on “Capacity Building and Strengthening of KREDL Karnataka Renewable Energy Development Limited
18. Proposal for Operationalising Green Energy Cess in Karnataka Karnataka Renewable Energy Development Limited
19. Creation of Clean Energy Fund by Levying Green Energy Cess in Andhra Pradesh Non-Conventional Energy Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Ltd (NEDCAP) Hyderabad
20. Renewable Energy Potential Assessment and Renewable Energy Action Plan for Bihar Department for International Development (DFID), Govt of UK
21. Action Plan for Comprehensive Renewable Energy Development in Tamil Nadu Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, New Delhi and CII (Southern Region)
22. The Energy Report–Kerala 100% Renewable Energy by 2050 World Wildlife Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, New Delhi and CII (Southern Region) Fund -India
23. Comparative Evaluation of Incentives to RE based Grid and off-grid Systems and Evolving Normative Guidelines for Revised Incentives for Off-grid Systems MNRE, GoI (Under UNDP Sponsored “Access to Clean Energy” Project)

Major Trainings and Conferences

Sl. No. Name of Project or Assignment Name of Client
1. Training on Grid Connected Rooftop PV Systems Technical and Economic Fundamentals at New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jammu, Shimla, Silvassa, Dehradun, Mandi (2018-19) (84 Lectures) GIZ and RENAC (Germany) and Steinbeis (India)
2. Train-the-Trainer Seminar on Rooftop Solar for Grid Engineers at New Delhi (2018) (5 Lectures) GIZ and RENAC (Germany) and Steinbeis (India)
3. Training on Rooftop Solar Technology, Financial Analysis and Govt. Policies (2015) (3 Lectures) World Institute of Sustainable Energy, Pune
4. Training on Solar Water Pumping Systems Technology, Policies and Financial Viability (2014) (16 Lectures) School of Energy Studies, University of Pune
5. Training on Solar PV Power Plant Designing and Financial Analysis (2013) (5 Lectures) World Institute of Sustainable Energy, Pune
6. Training to Govt Officers on “Market Development of Concentrator Solar Technologies (CSTs) for Community Cooking/ Cooling/ Laundry Applications in Hospital and Hospitality Sectors” (2012-14) (40 Lectures) MNRE/UNDP/GEF
7. Training to Govt Officers of Six States on “Strengthening of State Nodal Agencies and Preparation of Road Map for Capacity Building” (2009-10) (35 Lectures) MNRE and USAID
8. Training to Govt Officers on “Effective Implementation of GOs/ Building By-Laws in Municipal Corporations for Mandatory Installation of Solar Water Heating Systems in Southern and Western Regions of India” (2012) (40 Lectures) MNRE/UNDP/GEF
9. Lectures in Conferences, Expos and Seminars (1990-2019) (Approx. 350 Lectures) MNRE, MEDA, FICCI, CII, GIZ, etc.

Technical Services:
Solar Technology and Policy Consultancy

Owner’s Engineer to Investors for Solar Power

# Solar radiation assessment and site    feasibility study
# Grid feasibility analysis and cost     implications
# Selection of appropriate technology     and technical specifications
# Shading analysis and estimates of     energy generation
# Design configurations and technical     viability study
# Financial modelling and sensitivity     analysis
# Approvals, project scheduling and     risk analysis
# Solar energy market assessment     and investment decision report
# EPC contractor/vendor selection  

Lender’s Engineer to Banks and FIs for Solar Power

# Pre-financial Closure
  *Critical review of solar project     system design and agreements 
  *Review and acceptance of     disbursement schedule
# Implementation stage
  *Monitoring of physical progress
  *Scrutinize efficiency test certificates
  *Issue drawdown certificates  
  *Site performance and O&M plans
# Post commissioning 
  *Completion certificate of solar plant     and performance assessment
  *Monitor punch list rectification and     warranty defects
  *Monitor physical condition of solar     plant on annual basis 

Advisor to Govt. and Donor Agencies for RE Projects

# Strategizing low carbon transition     and socio-economic development
# Managing government's/ donor's     grants for socially oriented projects
# Green energy governance,     management and reporting     mechanism
# Green Energy planning, budgeting,     policies, laws and regulations
# Renewable Purchase Obligation,     Solar Purchase Obligation and RE     Certificate estimation
# Green energy taxes and financial     incentives quantification
# Capacity building, training and     institutional development  

Training Modules

Training on Solar Mega Power Project (MPP) Execution

  • #Technology Aspects of SPV MPP
  • #Policy, Regulation and Site Feasibility Study
  • #Solar PV MPP Design and Quality Control
  • #Field Trip and Project Management
  • #Profitability Analysis, Legalities and Procurement
  • Note: Ask For Detailed Course Structure

Training on Grid Connected Solar PV Rooftop

  • #Radiation Analysis and Rooftop Technology
  • #Site Feasibility Analysis and Rooftop Policies
  • #Rooftop Designing and Interconnection Grid Code
  • #Field Trip and Project Management
  • #Financial Analysis and PPA Draft
  • Note: Ask For Detailed Course Structure

Training on SPV Power Cost, Investment and Profitability

  • #Solar PV Grid and Off-grid Technologies
  • #Financial Terms and Various Business Models
  • #Rooftop Solar CAPEX and OPEX Business Models
  • #Solar Mega Power Project Business Model
  • #Solar Pump and Off-grid Power Financials
  • Note: Ask For Detailed Course Structure

Solar Online Training Through Video-Conferencing

  • #Remote Class With Camera: 30-40 Students
  • #Trainer's Studio With Audio-visual Systems
  • #Direct Interactive Training of 2 or 5 Days
  • #Live Exercises of Problem Solving By Trainees
  • #Course Structure Decided In Advance
  • Note: Ask For Detailed Procedure

Technical Papers 

Following are the links to articles and technical papers published in national and international journals and magazines 

  • Reasons for Failure of Solar PV Companies Globally - Lessons for Investors: Download
  • Comparative Assessment of Crystalline and Thin-Film PV Technologies in India -  A Guide for Policy & Business Decisions: Download
  • Renewable Energy - Investment Opportunities Galore: Download
  • Characterization of Pb3O4 films by electrochemical techniques: Download
  • Study of a Rechargeable Solar Battery with n-Pb3O4 Electrodes: Download
  • Photoelectrochemical (PEC) Solar Cell with PbO2 Semiconducting Electrodes:  Download 
  • Preparation of a Thin Film of Pb3O4 by Thermal Treatment of PbO2 Films:  Download
  • Rechargeable Solar Battery Pb3O4 Semiconductor Electrode: Download
  • Photoectrochemical Studies on Thin Film Pb3O4 Photoelectrodes:  Download
  • Technology Options for Municipal Solid Waste-to-Energy Project:    Download
  • The Power of Waste:   Download
  • Brain – Teasers  and – Easers  on Waste-to-Energy Projects:  Download
  • The Energy Aspects of Biomass:   Download
  • Potential of Wave Energy Power Plants along Maharashtra Coast:   Download
  • Geothermal Power Generation in Maharashtra - A Practical Assessment:  Download
  • Fuel Cell – A Future Powerhouse:  Download
  • Development of Improved Lanterns for Rural Areas:   Download


Enhance your solar knowledge by clicking links of ppt
and YouTube videos

  • Solar Energy and Radiation Terminologies (Presentation 2018):  Download
  • SPV Fundamentals (Presentation 2018):  Download
  • Rooftop types and Standards (Presentation 2018):  Download
  • Rooftop resource and site assessment (Presentation 2018):  Download
  • Rooftop Designing Case Studies (Presentation 2018):  Download
  • Rooftop Policies and Regulations (Presentation 2018):  Download
  • Rooftop Financial Analysis (Presentation 2018):  Download
  • Rooftop Tendering Procedure (Presentation 2018):  Download
  • Rooftop BOM (Presentation 2018):  Download
  • Grid Code, Testing, Commissioning (Presentation 2018):  Download
  • Maharashtra - More Industrialization Less Solarization (Presentation 2018):  Download
  • Bihar RE Resource Assessment (Solar and Biomass) (Presentation 2018):  Download
  • Bio-Nano-Solar Power (Presentation 2018):  Download
  • Rooftop Solar Net Metering: Regulatory Impact (Presentation 2016):  Download
  • Waste to Energy: An Overview (Presentation 2015): Download
  • Government Policies for Solar Sector (Presentation 2014):  Download
  • Solar PV Water Pumping Systems (Presentation 2014):  Download
  • Financials of Solar Water Pumping and Off-grid Power Plant (Presentation 2014): Download
  • Solar Micro-grid Technology and Cost (Presentation 2014):   Download
  • Solar PV Basics and Global Scenario (Presentation 2014): Download
  • Concentrating Solar Technologies - Hospital/Hotels (Presentation 2013): Download
  • Cost Economics of Concentrating Solar Systems (Presentation 2013):   Download
  • Solar Power Project –Viability (Presentation 2013):  Download
  • Financial Management of the State Nodal Agencies (Presentation 2011):   Download
  • Site Feasibility Analysis for Large Solar PV Power Projects (Presentation 2011):  Download
  • Solar PV and Thermal Technologies and Applications (Presentation 2011):    Download
  • Solar Projects, RPO and REC Trading (Presentation 2010):   Download
  • Potential of Wave Power Generation in Maharashtra (Presentation 2004):  Download
  • Solar Passive Buildings for Builders and Architects (Presentation 2002):   Download
  • Solar Passive Buildings – Case Studies (Presentation 2002):   Download

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